Recently my roommate and I decided to go to Barcelona to meet our girlfriend, Megan,  who we travelled with in high school and who is currently doing exchange in Edinburgh. Although she is loving Scotland, we were all excited to soak up some Castilian sun and spend our days exploring and drinking sangria. Here is an itinerary from our trip, with links to some of the places we checked out. Be sure to see my other posts for more details about our trip!


Day 1: Arrival Sunday


View of beautiful residential street balconies (left) and kelly and I arriving excited, but maybe a little disgruntled, in Barcelona!!! (right)

  • Arrived in Barcelona at 10am 
  • Checked into Hostel One Ramblas 
  • Took a walk to Arc de Triomf and Parc de la Ciutadella 
  • Explored Barri Gòtic and Museu Picasso 
  • Ate dinner at hostel 
  • Went out to Marula Café and Jamboree 

Day 2: California Monday 


Interior of L’Ascensor (left) picnic we bout at Santa Caterina Market and ate at Port Vell (middle) and Megan!!! (right)

  • Had Spanish Tortilla at a cafe in Barri Gòtic and explored the area 
  • Walk to Santa Caterina Market for picnic supplies
  • Picnic at Port Vell
  • Walk to Calle Blai (Pintxos district)
  • L’Ascensor for cocktails after dinner

Day 3: Gaudí Tuesday 

TUESDAYBCN forreal.png

Me and my big hair in the gardens of the Gaudi House museum (left) stained glass windows at La Sagrada Família (top) and the Pintxos crew (bottom) from left to right: Kelly, Peter, Me, Megan, Rhys, Australia and Patricia… loves of my freaking life

  • Sagrada Família with the girls + Patricia
  • Paella on a patio in the Eixample district
  • Walk to Gaudí House Museum at Parc Güell
  • Walk around the upper free sections of the Park, up to the ruins
  • Walk back to Hostel One down Passieg de Gràcia and Las Ramblas
  • Siesta!
  • Sangria and Pintxos on Calle Blai at Blai Every Day 12 
  • The Mint for Mojitos and hanging out with hostel friends!

Day 4: Shopping Wednesday


Shopping for Italian lingerie at intimissimi (left) Us girls bothering people to take our photo at the beautiful Parc Güell (middle) and the view from above the park of one of the buildings at the park’s entrance (right)

  • Back to Parc Güell to do the lower paid portion
  • Shopping along Passeig de Gràcia and Las Ramblas
  • Pastelería La Estrella for croissants and Cappuccinos
  • Pintxos at La Tasqueta de Blai

Day 5: Beach Thursday 


Flowers at a stand in La Boqueria (top left) picnic we had at Barceloneta Beach (bottom left) courtyard in La Catedral de Barcelona (middle) us girls + Peter at La Cova Fumada (top right) and the interior at La Absenta (bottom right)

Day 6: Final Friday 


Me in front of the fountain at La Parc Ciutadella (top left) Me in front of a hair dresser twinning with a local Steph (bottom left) Kelly looking like an absolute dime (centre) Magic Fountain show (top right) The crew and I at Shôko (bottom right) from left to right: Gabby, Patricia, Me, Guilherme and Kamille… also loves of my life

  • Mercat del Encants, the popular flea market to look around
  • Walk to Casa Batlló and Casa Milà (aka La Pedrera)
  • Exploring more of the Eixample district
  • One last visit to Pastelería La Estrella for coffee and pastries
  • Magic Fountain of Montjuïc for the show and to eat leftovers from the picnic
  • The Mint for Mojitos
  • Shôko for dancing!

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