Barcelona: Barri Gòtic

Barri Gòtic, or the Gothic Quarter, is the centre of Ciutat Vella, Barcelona’s old city. After our trip to Barcelona we are all in agreement that it was one of our favourite parts of the City. During the day time, there are numerous cute cafes to stop at and squares filled with people and patios. The streets are tight but allow for the sun to shine in and the residents of the apartments all have the most beautiful balconies (Balcony game so strong)! Here are a few details on some of the places we went in Barri Gòtic and what we thought about them!

L’Ascensor  Logomakr_3ZSkRi

Rating:  4.5peachrating

Experience: L’Ascensor is a tiny hole-in-the-wall, unassuming cocktail bar… until you search it up online and realize its kind of world famous for it’s bomb cocktails! It was weirdly decorated in all the best ways, giving a fun and eclectic feel to the tiny venue. The interior was furnished in exposed wood and red velvet cushions, giving it an old college bar feel, the kind of place you could imagine intellectuals and artists like Hemingway hanging out. The contrast came with the decor in the form of creepy carnival-themed masks and posters (if your in the back booth look up at the ceiling and try not to fall off your seat) and the soundtrack of Velvet Underground, the only records they seemed to play, on a constant loop. We loved the feel of the place and our cocktails were divine! The staff spoke very little English, which paired with our very limited spanish could have been a hurdle, but they were all so welcoming and friendly it was no issue. Drinks were pricey (9-12€) but amazing. We went on a Tuesday night and it was dead, which was unfortunate. Maybe it would have been busier on a weekend, but the day of the week seems to affect the party scene in Barcelona very little. All in all it was a very cool place to have a chill night and catch up with the girls!


Marula Café   Logomakr_3ZSkRi

Rating:  4peaches

Experience: I was in love with this place the second I heard about it, a live jazz club in the gothic quarter of Barcelona, what could be better? Drinks, like at any club, were moderately expensive, but we had a fun time warming up at the hostel, so this was a lot less important to us than it may otherwise have been. We went on Sunday, which is their open jam night and IT WAS FABULOUS! The house band was amazing and the vibes were super fun. When the other musicians began lining up along the side of the stage it just kept getting better as everyone got their turn to participate in the music. It was a great place to start the night dancing our hearts out. The only problems I had with the venue were security related. There was a problem with carding outside of the bar where some of our group didn’t get let in, causing some confusion for the group. Also, the bathrooms were located downstairs with the entrance being almost outside the venue, making the walk feel somewhat unsafe. Definitely go with a friend and keep your wits about you, but overall a good time!

La Catedral de Barcelona  Logomakr_0IdBfq

Rating: PeachRatings

Experience: I’m usually not a huge fan of touring cathedrals, I’ve never felt a strong spiritual connection with them and I think a childhood of being dragged by my mom to every church, basilica and cathedral we passed on vacation set me up for an adulthood of touring cathedral-free. That being said: BARCELONA HAS THE BEST CHURCHES EVER. This cathedral wasn’t somewhere we even planned on going, we had been trying to go to the Dali exhibition a block away and ended up getting there after it had closed (at 2pm may I add, watch out for the strange Barcelona hours at some attractions), we stumbled upon La Catedral on our way from there to the beach and were so taken by the beautiful courtyard we decided to go in. The courtyard, we soon found out, actually served at the cloister of the cathedral. A lot of the shrines were outdoors and the atmosphere was very natural and stunning. The interior was dark and mysterious and the whole place was absolutely gorgeous!

Museu Picasso  Logomakr_2j86Nv

Rating:  4peaches

Experience: I love a good art museum, but not nearly as much as my roommate and travel buddy, Kelly, does. I found this museum very interesting for the first hour, then my ADD kicked in and I started coming up with fun little stories for all the artwork. Although this spurred Kelly to maintain that I “ruined the sanctity of art,” in the end we all enjoyed it for different reasons. It was a cool museum in an interesting building, and we went on Sunday between 3 and 7pm so it was free! Personally, I like museums that are bigger and with more variety, but for a single artist museum it was pretty awesome! Definitely go if you’re in the area.



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